Who is tish cyrus dating

As the wholesome programme grew in popularity, Cyrus followed in her father's footsteps to build a career as a singer.

When I was four, my dad was performing with Aretha Franklin and, even though he made sure I was backstage with the nanny, I wanted to get up there and dance so much that I ran on to the stage.

His brother Trace and sister Noah are also musicians.

His other sister Brandi and Cyrus matriarch Tish have an interior design competition show currently on Bravo called . He landed a modeling contract just a few years ago.

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, who share five children together including Miley and Noah Cyrus, have publicly confirmed divorce two times -- once in 2010 and again in 2013.

But they stayed together and Tish Cyrus said she's "so proud to have been in the business and to have been married for so long." "Our family is everything to me, my kids, and I'm proud of the family and the relationship and how hard we've worked," she shared.

At 2010, she started as an executive producer for the movie ‘The Last Song’.

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Talking about the rumors and controversy of this talented producer Tish Cyrus, there was a rumor that Tish Cyrus and her 2nd husband are separating soon.

It ranked 43 weeks in the top 10, a total topped by only one country album in history, Ropin' the Wind by Garth Brooks.

The album has also sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling debut album of all time for a solo male artist.

I was passed around all these great artists and Aretha held on to me so tight.

All I wanted to do was entertain.' But as Miley, who turns 18 next month, grew older, she became the subject of some public scorn for sexualizing her squeaky clean image as Hannah Montana first in a racy Vanity Fair photo shoot and then showing some raunchy dance movies in videos.