Where can you chat to slags without sighning up Chat webrooms

These two types are often subcategorized as the FCAW-S process (self-shielded, flux-cored) and FCAW-G process (gas-shielded, flux-cored).Self-shielded, flux-cored wires, commonly referred to as Innershield® wires, are often described as "a stick electrode that is inside out".While the big, punchy swears are the same all over the English-speaking world, some of our milder, more idiosyncratic slights will leave the uninitiated scratching their heads. A two-fingered salute This has come up before on MTG, but just to reiterate: stick two fingers up at an American and they’ll be no more affronted than if you’d waved hello or nodded.Should you feel compelled to use your hands to offend in the U.However, there are two fundamentally different types of flux-cored wires.One type is self-shielded and the other type is gas-shielded.

Curiously, however, the book doesn’t shed much light on what it actually means to be a twit. Tosser This term, meaning one who engages in self, erm, stimulation, is a milder version of w**ker, which – perhaps you’ve noticed this too – Americans have recently adopted but serially misuse. Follow us on Twitter and join in using #Mind The Chat.

It’s one of those semi-affectionate insults we might throw at a family member or friend who’s behaving in a less than cerebral manner. Muppet When a British Goldman Sacs employee resigned last year in an open letter and said that some colleagues in London had called their clients “muppets”, Americans at the firm were left wondering what he meant. Slapper or slag In the UK, we’re unhealthily attached to nasty words that describe a “loose woman”. They seem to think it’s one of those British slurs that doubles as a term of endearment.

Synonyms include: wally, berk, prat, numpty, knob-head, nincompoop and tit. Twat This is one of the harsher terms on the list, perhaps because of its literal meaning: lady parts. Brits have borrowed Jim Henson’s name for furry, be-stringed critters and tweaked it to mean someone who’s stupid, gullible and incapable of independent thought. These two clangers are the most commonly used, yet they’re insults only the most dedicated American anglophile or British gangster movie aficionado will have encountered.

S., stick to the universally recognized raised middle finger. Minger Popularized by the late, great and hilariously foul-mouthed Big Brother contestant Jade Goody over a decade ago, the term meaning unattractive female is still fair game in Britain.

If you’re looking for a way to insult an American woman without her realizing, this is ideal. Pillock To American ears, this might sound like some kind of unadventurous English fish.