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But most of all, I want a Hollywood story about how exciting it is to be young and gay and in-love. (not who would you have voted for but who would have won.

occurs first in 1375 — according to a recently found writing, even prior to 1155 [1] — and, contrary to Gould [2] means primarily a mason of superior skill, though later it also designated one who enjoyed the freedom, or the privilege, of a trade guild.

The three editions which this "Handbuch" (Universal Manual of Freemasonry) has had since 1822 are most valuable, the work having been declared by English-speaking Masonic critics by far the best Masonic Encyclopedia ever published. that the missing links of a chain of evidence have been frequently supplied by gratuitous invention and that statements of vast importance have been carelessly sustained by the testimony of documents whose authenticity has not been proved.

[4] This derivation, though harmonizing with the meaning of the term, seemed unsatisfactory to some scholars.

[3] In the former sense it is commonly derived from , a mason hewing or building in free (ornamental) stone in opposition to a rough (stone) mason.