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There was free coat check and beer ( for liquor), and the timber frame building with its exposed wooden beams, wood ceiling and hardwood floors made a cozy setting which was further accentuated with red ribbons and paper hearts.

The venue has a policy which demands all tickets be sold in advance; they do not wish to have people lining up on the stairs waiting to buy anything at the door.

So people knew they had to purchase early, and this helped us in a strange way, as tickets sold out quicker and we knew earlier that this party was going to be packed.

We asked everyone to please wear something pink or red and the SIG Social ladies even had a color code worked out to help men and women know who was single.

I’m no stranger to failure, it’s my greatest teacher and even though it really hurts, I’m still grateful for it.

When you’re separated from a person you get anxious.

You want them to text, you want them to call, you want them to write, you want them to tell you “I love you”.” She decided to put people who’ve been in love and or rejected under a brain scanner to study the activity in their brain.

Every guy and unfortunately a lot of dating experts or even pickup artists will give you the cliche advice of “Fuck man, just ignore your feelings, ignore that bitch, and just go get laid by another chick.” To be brutally honest with you, it’d be nice if it was that simple.

Unfortunately, getting over a girl that you’ve been with, have been fantasizing about, or even have gone on a few dates with but just couldn’t get to the next level because of prior baggage or circumstances such as another man coming into her life that you just didn’t see coming is one of the hardest and most frustrating things that men face next to overcoming the initial hurdles of social anxiety, approach anxiety, sexual anxiety, and rejection whether we’d like to admit it or not.