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Every image you upload to Sirv is instantly accessible at any size and style, saving you valuable development time.Curated design tools provide the functionality and flexibility that your team really needs - without any unnecessary or distracting complexity.I used to go into tailspins over various situations, other people’s behaviour, and of course second guessing my own actions and going down the If Only I Could’ve... I have put in some serious ‘man hours’ crunching the data of these various dramas and sometimes I had conversations out loud with myself saying what I’d like to have said just so I could dissipate some of the frustration – No I’m not crazy but I guess it was the conversational version of the Unsent Letter. While it’s quite easy to see how drama arises in conflict, what does leave me rather bemused is the heavyweight drama we apply to very simple situations or very simple wrongdoings. When I dated (and I used that term very loosely) the Mr Unavailable that gave me my epiphany, I regularly analysed his texts with full stops on the end, the joke emails and the ones that enquired about how I was doing but didn’t ask me out, and his ambiguous non statements and non answers.File sizes are dramatically smaller, making your website/app feel noticeably faster.To engage your customers further, use Sirv’s deep image zoom and 360 spin viewers to build trust and raise conversions.