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Do not include spouse name or social security number if you marked married filing separate.

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If you have an Android phone, the international might of Google is making it easier for you to place telephone calls, both locally and internationally, without falling prey to your mobile carrier's convoluted rates.

But she would not have been legally allowed to put it on her husband's computer at work or any other computer that she did not own.

With the surge in cyber-affairs, a new market for electronic spying has developed. She says, "I'm one of those people who says no body fluids exchanged is not an affair.

Jonathan Zarra, who tested the game this summer, noticed that the app was missing an in-game chat feature and created Go Chat to solve the problem.

Go Chat, released on July 4 for Android and IOS, is an independent app that lets Pokémon Go players talk with each other by leaving notes at in-game locations.