Jeter dating

Here is a list of the many beautiful women the former short-stop has dated over his illustrious career.

Ladies, if you’ve been hankering to date a future Hall of Fame Yankee shortstop, we have some good news for you, then some more good news, and maybe some bad news.

But don't worry, he'll probably play the field until he's ripe in his old age.

According to Page Six of the , Jeter broke up with his swimsuit model girlfriend Hannah Davis after just less than a year of dating.They reportedly remain friends, but we think the benefits are probably gone by now.Derek Jeter and Adriana Lima reportedly dated for a short time in But the supermodel's vow of virginity and Jeter's penchant for gift baskets probably proved a bad match.October 2008 - August 2011Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly were first spotted together on the sidelines of a college football game in Texas in 2008.The two are still dating with rumors of an impending wedding.