Hardy fly rod dating

We hope to have everything you might need for your time in Central PA and quite a bit more.

The store has a huge selection of flies tied by our nineteen local tiers.

Pre-owned tackle is available for those on a budget, but still wishing to purchase quality equipment.

I have the distinct honor of being able to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the world. One friend, Masatoshi Okui of Kyoto Japan, who makes my seat hardware also makes the most wonderful classically styled fly reels I've ever handled.

I truly believe the very best bamboo fly rods ever made are being built right now (by names like Ream, Brandin, Thramer, Johnson, Karstetter, Wojnicki, Raine, etc), but let's face it - the combined lifetime output of those builders equals about one month's production of Helios fly rods, and while I love my built-by-still-living-guys bamboo fly rods, they'll never be cast by enough people to truly matter.

Similarly, no boutique rods really made the list - even though I could make a very cogent argument for the inclusion of a Steffen Brothers or Mc Farland glass rod or the little-known-but-much-lamented East Branch "classic" graphite.

Naturally, one man's great fly rod is another's pool cue or noodle, and yes, it's just barely possible that my own personal bias has entered into the construction of this list, though just in case there are some questions about choices, I wanted to lay out my criteria. History may decide the Orvis Helios or Winston Boron or Sage Z-Axis might be the best fly rods ever, but I'm leaving those discussions to history.To name several rods of interest to us, are rods crafted by Vince Cummings, Fenwick, Hardy Bros., Russ Peak, Phillipson, Scott, Winston, Wright Mc Gill, etc. The ferrules are Featherweight aluminum ferrules with an "O" ring. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch 1968 catalog. This 2 piece banty rod was matched with a Hardy Flyweight reel (not included). The rod was described as follows: Lightest equipment of its kind in the world. Para/metric Deluxe PD 20 UL - 5', 2 piece spinning rod. Cork fore and rear grip with up-locking reel seat with wood spacer. he Feathered Hook Fly Shop offers a wide selection of locally tied flies, bamboo rods, graphite rods, breathable waders, wading boots, fly fishing clothes, experienced guide service and a semi-knowledgeable staff to try and answer your questions.