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If looking to get into this incredible, addictingly (seriously) creative hobby the easiest way possible: the almighty internet is your ticket. However, I’ve learned an incredible deal about – and developed a possibly dangerous addiction to – the game these past years, running concurrent campaigns as Dungeon Master both online and at a table … And so, that’s where I’ll start this journey of waxing philosophic about how my favorite pastime and technology, collide.

And, luckily for you, I’ve just decided to start a regular column on that very topic. This first entry is for everyone who just learned what D&D is all about and want to get in on the ground floor through the mighty power of the internet – because, while it isn’t any better or worse than playing around a table made of wood and metal, it’s sure as different.

Travel and leisure is more than just a magazine to read in-flight. The Enjoy Yourself ETF on Stash contains of the biggest names in travel and entertainment. Not long after those words are uttered, you find yourself and your squad on an American Airlines flight out to Sin City.

You only have one goal: escape from the dreadful monotony of #cubiclelife.

As you slowly pass out to the background noise of a “Game of Thrones” rerun on HBO, you smile. Regardless of how solid your work ethic, the monotony of routine can slowly seep into your life and make things stale.

In order to avoid burnout, it’s important to take time to unplug from daily life as a way to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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The people who took photos enjoyed the experience significantly more, and said they were more engaged, than those who didn’t.And as I am not a cheery person, that was some achievement! Even by myself, I was still laughing out loud and having fun!Staff around me were very kind, as well, and offered to take pictures for me.Photography was once an expensive, laborious ordeal reserved for life’s greatest milestones.Now, the only apparent cost to taking infinite photos of something as mundane as a meal is the space on your hard drive (and your dining companion’s patience).