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who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.’ (D&C 1–12; see also Jer. .) “The booklet reviews, in [an] abbreviated way, specific standards.

While much is included, much more could have been and is not.

Building on their expertise and teaching priorities (along with those of additional faculty members, Nancy K.

Troy and Jody Maxmin), the exhibition’s layout and interpretive texts reflect a combination of faculty ideas and those of Cantor curators, demonstrating the benefits of bringing multiple voices and approaches to thinking about art.

Sufficient detail is included to allow each of you to know what the Lord expects of you” (“Standards of the Lord’s Standard-Bearers,” Note: This activity draws an analogy with tennis.

If you or your students are not familiar with tennis, you could substitute another game with boundaries that mark what is “in bounds” and “out of bounds.” Hold up a tennis racket and tennis ball.

It is what they think about and what to know more about! These are the points that the youth must battle – so they raise their standards, like Captain Moroni did.

The funny thing about this, is that in my experience, many youth don’t date much anymore. Whenever we talked about it, their eyes lit up and I had their total attention and I consistently felt a great need to bring this back into the lives of our youth. Formerly, a STANDARD was a military object (like a flag or an ensign) carried atop a pole. If a youth chooses not to raise that standard, they run the risk of defeat.

If you say, “We are having a lesson on dating this Sunday”, record numbers will show up. How applicable that symbol is for all of the standards in For the Strength of Youth.

Ask students to think about the feats of control and speed that a skilled tennis player can perform using this simple equipment.

Explain that an important rule of tennis is that the ball must stay “in bounds.” Point out that there are no rules about how fast you serve the ball or how many times it can be volleyed over the net, but there are rules about keeping score and what is in and out of bounds.

pamphlet and test themselves on what they know by heart! It is also available in our August combo package HERE.

Included are some really great and effective scripture study activities like this one where they dig into Article of Faith #13 and see it as a guideline for dating behavior.