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From 2012 to 2013, Global Finance honored the bank with seven awards including Best Trade Finance Provider in the Middle East, Jordan and Yemen, Best Emerging Market Bank in Jordan and Yemen and Best Foreign Exchange Provider and Best Investment Bank in Jordan.In 2000s, several lawsuits were filed against the Arab Bank about its involvement in facilitating the funding of terrorist organizations, all the lawsuits were later appealed by courts and no action was taken against bank.

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During the 1965s period, the bank focused on investments and became a catalyst for Arab economic developments when most other financial institutions avoided the risk.Others may claim to offer special immigration deals or guaranteed high-paying jobs.They do this to trick people into paying them money.Current and saving accounts, Personal loans, Overdraft facility, Home loans, Car loans, Credit cards, Term deposits, Funds transfer, Currency exchange, Investment opportunities, Commercial lending, Project and structured finance, Private banking, Asset management, Brokerage, Money markets, Foreign exchange, Capital markets, Commercial lending, Term financing, Project and structured finance, Corporate finance and capital markets Arab Bank (Switzerland) Limited (sister institution), Arab Bank Australia Limited, Europe Arab Bank plc, Islamic International Arab Bank plc, Arab Sudanese Bank, Arab Investment Bank S. L., Arab Tunisian Bank, Arab Bank – Syria, Al Arabi Investment Group (AB Invest), Arab National Leasing Company, Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Company, Al Arabi Investment Group Company Arab Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, founded in 1930 in Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine, as the first private sector financial institution in the Arab world.Headquartered today in Amman, Jordan, it serves clients in more than 600 branches spanning five continents.