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self proclaimed shoegazer, I, matt guess, review my favorite (and pretty much whatever I get my hands on) guitar pedals, rack f/x, budget home studio recording equipment and techniques, floss digital vs.

analog, spend way too much time discussing the art of compression and mastering, and share my lust for vintage jazzmasters and excessive reverb.

Despite their conformity and common size each pedal has its own personality and unique function. I have this theory that everyone is a collector of something, and for me it must be these pedals.They really nailed many legendary sounds on the first try, I can only think of a few effects that they never successfully made their own–those being wah, whammy, fuzz, and vibe effects.The DS-1 Distortion is easily the most recognizable guitar pedal in the world, and many a DIYer’s first step into the world of pedal mods.If you had a listing which was for an active service, you will need to resubmit it - please do so at your leisure. Edit: I just watched this shootout between the Japanes and Taiwanese versions on Youtube: v=3En5gl8Vh9g I don't hear any difference, but then again the sound quality on Youtube is not really suited for doing audio gear shootouts...