Biblical guidelines for dating

Because of their significance not only for prophecy but also for right worship, it behooves every believer in truth to understand the seven annual Feast days and their importance for today.

Central to this understanding is knowing the proper times these days occur.

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes and predicts that the end of the age will be dramatic.

Prophecy of World Government Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, George W.

Some of the most visible personalities in history are those who make predictions about the future.

From Nostradamus to modern “prophets” like Jean Dixon, human beings have always had a fascination with what is to come.

The Bible tells us that the holy days, Sabbaths, and the new moons “are a shadow of things to come,” Colossians -17.

While those who choose courtship will hold to general guidelines for the relationship, their specific choices about when, where, and how to court may differ according to their needs and circumstances.We do know that Abraham was 10 years older than Sarah.The Bible tells us, “Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed and said to himself, ‘Shall a child be born to a man who is a hundred years old?Bush and Gordon Brown have all called for a "New World Order" or "World Government".This is in line with Bible prophecy, which points to a brutal end time world system linked to the historic Roman Empire!