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I’d push the button when they’re laughing and start the tape, and then say, ‘Do you have a joke?

’ And they would say something or tell a joke, not knowing that they were being taped, and 50 seconds later I’d say, ‘That’s it.” RELATED: Say His Name: Bryan Cranston Puts A Heisenberg Spin On Little Mix’s ‘Shoutout To My Ex’ Host Graham Norton played a clip of a vintage commercial featuring some of the cheesy video profiles, and then tasked Cranston and fellow guests Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne with recording profiles of their own.

He picked up a best actor award for his take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein at the National Theatre and will be returning in a new series of ­Sherlock opposite Martin Freeman as Dr Watson.

And he is blazing a trail in Hollywood with a starring role in the upcoming Star Trek 2 after appearing in Tinker Sailor, Soldier Spy and War Horse.

On this list, you'll find stories of Cumberbatch’s primary school trysts and his thoughts about getting naked on camera.

These TMI facts about Benedict Cumberbatch’s sex life are going to blow your mind.

It’s about to get steamy in here, hope you can handle it.

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Malcolm in the Middle.”" data-reactid="29"“Hi, I’m Bryan,” said Cranston.

In Star Trek 2 he plays the tyrannical Khan alongside Tom Hardy, Malcolm Mc Dowell and Alice Eve, daughter of actor Trevor, as well as Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty.

The film is sure to be a box office hit and cement Benedict’s place on the Hollywood A-list.

“I’m 60, and if you like threesomes, just remember I like Malcolm in the Middle.”Redmayne.

Interview by John Hiscock in The Mirror With his mop of curly red hair and oddly angular face, Benedict Cumberbatch hardly has the looks of a typical Hollwood sex symbol.